FAQs Eglisch

FAQs Eglisch

What is Tapu (deed of ownership)?

The extract from the land register or the title deed is called ”Tapu” in Turkey. The transfer takes place only in the settlement office (Tapu ve Kadastro) of the district town, in which your real estate is.

This is a document, which is considered as confirmation of the purchase. The contents of the Tapu are all details of the object of purchase.

Which documents do I need for the Tapu?

As a Turkish citizen I need a valid identity card and 2 passport photos.

As a foreigner (German) I need a valid passport and 2 passport photos.

Can I have the Tapu (the land register entry) made out to several names?

This is possible without any problems, there are no additional fees.

Do you have to be a Turkish citizen to buy a property in Turkey?

No, prospective buyers from other countries who do not have Turkish citizenship can also buy real estate in Turkey. There is no law prohibiting foreigners from buying.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, a visa is required for entry into Turkey, but you can obtain it directly at the airport without any problems.

The visa is valid for 3 months according to Turkish law.

Can I buy from abroad?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to buy the objects from Germany. The purchase requires a personal presence in Turkey.

What is the difference between developed / part developed / not developed?

Fully developed property
Fully developed property – means that the media (such as water and sewage pipes, electricity and gas lines) are adjacent to the property and the connection to the public road network is guaranteed. For this it is not absolutely necessary that the media are located on the property.

Partly developed property

Partially developed land – Partially developed land is land that is not yet fully suitable for construction, for example because it is connected to a public road network but no electricity or sewage systems have been installed.

Untapped property

A plot of land is considered to be undeveloped if none of the development criteria is met.

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Can I resell my property/building land/ undeveloped land at any time?

Yes, as the owner of a property or land, you are entitled to sell it at any time.

What costs do I incur when selling a property/land?

In this case you incur notary fees (for certified translations and power of attorney) and 18% profit tax.

How can I acquire a property in Turkey as a German?

It needs an expert. After the purchase a building application must be made. Within the next 5 years you have to build on this property.